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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Tornado Like Winds Just Pounded Our Tallahassee Neighborhood - We Lost A 100 Foot Pine Tree - House Is Fine

It has been a funny day. We were getting a lot of rain - there were news reports of 11 people dead across the border in Georgia when a tornado ripped thru a trailer park. We were having flashes of rain - then sun - then strange skies. All of a sudden - we were on the phone doing a video chat with our grandson - when the power in the house went off. We glanced out the back window to see a giant 100 pine tree heading toward our window. Luckily it stopped a few feet short of the house.

This all occurred about 2 hours ago. After taking a tour of the neighborhood on my scooter - I realized it was much more serious than we first thought. There are dozens of giant pine trees knocked across the streets. Power lines - phone lines - cable TV lines - are down all over. Branches litter the yards.

The pine tree that fell in our yard was 100 feet tall - it is about 2 feet thick. It broke off about 40 feet up from the ground. The 60 foot piece came directly toward our house - coming up just short. Ironically this tree was on the property border with our neighbor and they insisted it stay. I wonder if they will insist on paying to clean it up  :-)

We got a text message from the city saying essentially - this is going to take a while. I went to the garage to get our Honda 2000 generator out and fired it up. I ran extension cords to the TV - the satellite dish - the refrigerator - the water heater and some lights. It was so much easier setting up this time - after the practice run this summer during the hurricane. We lost power for 48 hours during that storm - I hope it is just a few hours this time.

We will be offering free services to friends and neighbors.

Note the 40 foot high stump
That tree came just short of our house
Note the pressure on the power lines
More wires trapped by the tree
Limbo Lane blocked by a tree - how low can you go?

Some pulled out by the roots
These pine trees are like weeds

Sandy soils get soaked and down go the trees
Down goes Frazier!
Two trees back to back block Old Fort Drive

A giant tree - probably the one that trapped my drone last year
This one broked off about 30 feet up - an oak
This house is getting a complete renovation

No one lives here - it is getting a full renovation

Seminole Drive - our street - is impassible
I bought the white Honda scooter from this home.

This is the water by our driveway - note the sun
This is the tree in our yar
Note our azaleas are blooming - normally in March

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