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Monday, January 16, 2017

Kate's Birthday - Richmond - Washington - Tamaqua

The Capitol is all blocked off for the party on Jan 20th

Kate was born on 1/11/11. So even though we get to see her on Christmas - she reminded us that we have not gotten to a birthday party yet. So here we are - flying to Richmond - going to a party - then heading north to Washington and Tamaqua PA to see everybody.

We left Tallahassee about 5 AM on Thursday and were in Richmond at 9 AM. We enjoyed 3 nights at Drew's house. The Skating Birthday Party was Sunday afternoon - so after a wonderful afternoon which included me donning skates for the first time in almost 50 years - we finally got to a party. I guess it does not leave you - but I was able to go around without killing anyone or myself.

After the party - Lulu and I drove our rental Ford Focus to Washington where we got to spend some time with Max before it was his bedtime. Monday morning - we had breakfast with Liz and Keith - and then we toured the "calm before the storm" at the Capitol and National Mall.

Washington reminds me so much of when we were in town on the "Eve of Destruction" right before Bush decided to invade Iraq. It feels exactly the same way - right down to the overcast skies and crisp cold 40 degree winds. It would be the trifecta for us - because Lulu and I came here in 1973 to attend Nixon's party that only lasted about 18 months until he resigned.

Tomorrow - we will travel north to Tamaqua to visit friends. We will be dodging ice storms to get in and out of the Valley. We will be staying with Betty for 2 nights - then we drive back to Richmond to catch our flight home on Friday.

Parade stands on Pennsylvania Avenue - and lots of toilets

German V-2 and V-1 rockets in Smithsonian

The National Botanical Gardens were the warmest place in town

Jan 20th - a party will be in the Building Museum

Botanical Gardens

Walking on that pad produces electricity for the lights in the park

Palm tree feels like home for Lulu

Swearing-In Stands

Party girl is 6 years old

The blur is me skating - remembering Wenzel's Rink

Putting a plastic pad down over the grass on the Mall

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