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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Florida State Basketball Pounds Duke by 16 - We Were There

Harry trying to buy tickets before the game.

We had been waiting a long time for this year's version of the Everhart Bowl. Son Drew got his bachelor's degree from Duke. Son Keith got his master's from FSU. Lulu got her doctorate at FSU and is a professor there now.  Since Duke is such a national power in basketball - and FSU is the football factory - usually the basketball games go in the Devils' favor. But not this time.

The game sold out yesterday. 12,000 tickets were sold - the first time in a long time that no tickets were available. Not that we care because we never buy at the box office. I like to stand outside with two fingers up - often times fans hand me free tickets - seldom do I pay over $10. Because of the big crowd - this time we drove to the arena early. It is about 1.5 miles from our house to the arena. Sometimes we take the scooter - other times we take the electric car. Usually we leave about 20 minutes before tipoff - but this time we allowed 90 minutes for the 8 PM start.

When I got to my spot - the first ones to visit me were the scalpers. After I tell them I want seats along the court for $5 - they leave me alone. I was offered a few pairs but the prices were too high. A guy had 4 tickets behind the Duke bench - but he wanted $80 each. I offered him $60 for two - no luck. He got his price. With 50 minutes to tip off - an old guy ran up and sold me his season tickets for $30 each. He had some upgraded box tickets with food and drink.

We were in our seats 45 minutes before the start. The place seemed empty - except the student section. It was hard to believe 12,000 people were coming. At 8 PM - everyone was there - but you could count about 1000 empty seats here and there. Why do people pay $40 for tickets and not go to games?

We expected to win this time. FSU took an dearly lead - but Duke stormed back many times. At half the Noles led by a few. FSU has a deep bench and played 13 players. Duke was missing a good player - and Coach K. He is out for a month with back surgery. About ¾th the way - Duke ran out of gas. The Seminoles won by 16.

The Seminole are now 16-1. That is the first time ever for that. They are also 4-0 in the ACC - first time for that. There is a new sheriff in town - this is a very exciting team.

The end of the game - FSU won by 16.

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