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Friday, December 16, 2016

Max's Other Grandparents Came For A Visit - Paul and Evelyn Askew

Evelyn and Paul at the FSU Hall of Fame
in front of one of the Seminoles three
national championship and three Heisman trophies.
Paul standing in front of his namesake building -
The Askew Building

Just like us - Paul and Evelyn are new grandparents - of our grandson Max. Paul is Liz's Dad and Evelyn is Paul's wife. Last week - they came to visit with us and stayed a couple nights on their trip to Sarasota and Naples. They were visiting other friends and family down in the tropical section of our long state.

While they were here we toured FSU campus and the Capital City. They treated us to a very nice dinner at The Edison - a restaurant in Cascades Park housed in the town's former coal fired power plant. We also took Paul to an FSU basketball game.

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