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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Florida State 31 - Florida 13 - The results bring up a few neat possibilities




Back in the old days - the Florida at Florida State game usually decided who was going to be in the national championship game. Things have changed a bit - but it still is exciting for the people in Florida. Florida State has now beaten their two biggest opponents - Miami and Florida - 4 of the last 4 years straight. That has never happened before. Yes - the Noles are 8-0 against these two in-state rivals. They can retire the state trophy after 4 years!

But with a season record of 9-3 - the Seminoles are not even in the playoff picture of the ACC championship. That belongs to Clemson and Virginia Tech. FSU is also not even considered for the 4 NCAA playoff births.

The Florida Gators are 8-3 - and ironically after this 31-13 pasting - they will play Alabama for the SEC championship next week.

Our day was an effort of pacing ourselves for the big game. You know I am old when we turn down a pre-game dinner at the Dawsons - to catch some rest for the 8 PM start. At 5 PM - we had a light supper in front of the TV - watching Penn State and others on big rival Saturday.

At 6:30 PM - with no tickets - we drove across the street to pick up George and Joel Dawson - and off we went with our parkas and blankets. We have a new way to our special parking place - we travel through Florida A&M University campus - bypassing all the traffic on Gaines Street. At 6:40 PM - just 10 minutes from home - Joe was guiding us into our reserved slot - a bargain at $30. Last time - Joe had given us free parking and 2 free great tickets - so it was about time we paid the freight.

By 6:50 PM - we were at our favorite ticket begging spot - right outside the 50 yard line. I was really surprised at how many tickets were available and at reasonable prices. The face value was $125 - which I think is obscene for a college football game. But one nice fella came to me and had 4 tickets together on the 20 yard line - row 13. One was on the aisle - but I kinda like that. He wanted $80 each for them - but with a little talking - and me playing the old age card - he settled for $40 each. George was just about to buy another pair about 40 feet away - and I yelled - George stop! We arrived at our seats at 7 PM - a full hour before kickoff.

Doak Campbell Stadium holds 81,000. They announced a crowd of 78,000. They play it loose with attendance figures. I would say there were easily 5000 empty seats. I wish they would honestly announced attendance - as people in the seats - or people that paid and stayed home. The fact that in Florida you can legally sell tickets for any price - has kept prices low. People are not afraid to sell extra seats. It drives the prices down for me.

Temperature was already down to 59 - we enjoyed the festivities - but were very happy we brought the wool blankets. Lulu wanted a seat back - a $10 premium. So I got one. George and Joel carry their own.

I had 4 cokes tucked in various pockets. They search kids for booze going into the stadium - but let us old folks breeze by. Little did I know that Lulu had snacks stashed for everyone.

It was a good game. FSU's freshman quarterback was spectacular. Dalvin Cook - the junior running back broke all FSU running back records for yards gained and touchdowns scored. Floridas daunting highly ranked defense could not stop the Seminoles.

The temperature dropped to 48 - there was no wind - but a clear sky can suck the heat out of you.

We got home by 12:20 AM.

Winning this games sets up an interesting situation. Florida State will probably end up in the Orange Bowl which is played Dec 30th in Miami. Penn State could possibly be our opponent. It would be so much fun seeing all our old Pennsylvania buddies on a warm evening in Miami. Lulu has already booked 3 hotel rooms just in case.

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