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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Travel Trailer Sold Yesterday In Minutes

Travel trailer sold for $8000
Motor home sold for $46,500
Yesterday - I sold a travel trailer that had been sitting in our driveway for a few weeks. The deal went pretty fast.

But the whole series started out last June when our friend Joan asked me to sell her motor home. Her husband had died so the 2012 Coachmen with 15,000 miles on it had to go. It was a great motor home so we started out at $50,000 - it took over 3 months and finally left the yard at $46,500. It was purchased by Stuart and Sharon. The sale was held up by an upholstery job. I hired a man to completely redo the upholstery inside. Halfway through the job he became ill - and the job drug on for weeks. Eventually another shop - CoverTime -  finished the job. Our buyers loved the camper and waited patiently for the completion. I highly recommend CoverTime.

The new owners developed a trust with us - and asked me to sell their camper. This one was a 2010 Coleman travel trailer. This rig was kept under a car port and was spotless. If it didn't weigh so darn much - I would have kept it and pulled it with our Honda van. It weighs 4300 pounds and the Honda van pulls 3500 pounds. We started this sale at $10,000 and slowly moved down the line. At $9000 - a young couple put a deposit on it - but after a week of visiting banks could not come up with the rest of the money. We returned their $500 deposit - and waited for the next call. In the end - Harold came yesterday with $8000 cash in $100 bills. Money talks - the new buyer had the trailer all hooked up to his truck - even before Stuart arrived to sign the title over to him. It reminded me of the car thief movie - Gone in 60 Seconds.

The campers are gone. The driveway seems empty. Since I never owned these vehicles - they do not add to my list of 75 owned vehicles. The neighbors are taking bets on what you will see next in our driveway. I am betting a mobility scooter.

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