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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Seminoles Come Back From Down 21 To Lead In Last 30 Seconds - Then Blew It

Chief Osceola on Renegade

After the flyover - it was all down hill.

Osceola planted the spear - but the last 30 seconds was all Tar Heels.

The baby blue North Carolina team has been coming to Tallahassee over the last 25 years - and have gone home usually black and blue. But this time it was different. The Tar Heels jumped out to a 21 point lead - only to watch FSU pull ahead in the last 30 seconds. But 30 seconds later - a 54 yard field goal put Carolina on top for good. The Tar Heels circled the field doing the Tomahawk chop as the ball easily clear the goal post from 54 yards away.

Our day started around noon as John - Michelle - and Kristine came to our house for a pre-game lunch. We watched a bit of the Miami game on television since they follow their hometown Miami Hurricanes. At about 2 PM - Lulu and I dozed off for a little nap - and we almost missed the game.

We had tickets that our good friend Marge gave us - so at 2:30 - we hopped on our scooter and rode over to Doak. We parked in the lot our friend Joe Shiver owns - and walked to our seats - plenty early for the band and kickoff. Our seats were in the corner - looking down on the goal line - see the horse picture above.

Lulu likes to see the band. My favorites are the airplane flyovers and Osceola and Renegade planting the spear on the 50 yard line.

It was very sunny and hot for the 3:30 start - but by the start of the second quarter we were in the shade of the press box. It was very pleasant then - even though the Seminoles fell 21 points behind. To my surprise - the stands did not empty at halftime. The Seminoles came back to lead with 30 seconds to go. But they allowed UNC to go the length the field and kick a 54 yard field goal. The crowd was stunned. We walked quietly to our scooter - and drove home. We watched it on the television one more time - hoping for a different ending.

Any chances of making the playoffs is over. We are 3-2 - if we lose to Miami - Florida - Clemson - NCSU - etc - we could be looking at the first losing season in 40 years. Good thing for Jimbo and his coaches who just signed 5 year contracts.

Our offense was good - QB and RB did their jobs. Our defense could not find better ways to look disorganized. They spend the whole game watching the signs and coaches on the bench - failing to line up before a play starts. Our defense coach just signed a $900,000 a year - 5 year contract. Jumbo Fisher will make $5,000,000 a year or more for 5 years. Our team is full of 4 star and 5 star players.

The absolute worst part of the day - was when I forgot the 6 pack of coke I usually put down my shorts in my secret agent underwear. I left the cokes in the scooter and had to buy 2 sodas inside for $4 each. So the day cost me $8.

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