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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Out of the Blue - An Old High School Friend Just Called

Jim's matching numbers 1966 Corvette
The view from Jim's home overlooking some
Pennsylvania farmland. In the background
is the Blue Ridge Mountains

I was watching television tonight - and all of a sudden I got a call from back home in Schuylkill County. It was a strange number but it said Pottsville PA. The minute I heard the voice - I just knew it was Dr Jim Fogarty. Jim sat behind me in most of our classes at Tamaqua Junior and Senior High Schools. We had so many common interests - cars - music - science - electronics - and friends. We could harmonize almost every Beach Boys surfing and auto song. Jim's voice was literally music to my ears. 

Jim and I both went into education. Although I started and ended my teaching career in the same science classroom - Jim climbed the ladder quickly to end up being the director of the county school system. 

On September 25
th - Jim and I will both attend our 50th class Reunion. With so many people there - it will be hard to find time to have really good conversations with all the people I have missed over the years. Jim is one I could spend the whole night with - and we easily spent an hour catching up on how life has been to us. Jim and I both have two sons - we also have some grandkids. Jim lives about 35 miles from our old hometown of Tamaqua PA. 

Jim did talk about one of his prides and joys - not all his loved ones - but his car. He now owns a 1966 Chevrolet Corvette - in showroom condition. We never discussed price - but I just had to check the NADA book.  The car cost $4000 brand new - but high retail is now $115,000! 

I am guessing Jim will not be driving it to the reunion. 

We both retired from education at age 55. Jim has kept a part-time computer consulting business going on the side. As soon as I retired - I followed Lulu to Tallahassee where she would become an FSU professor. We did not discuss regrets - we were both amazed at how fast 50 years have flown by. I have very few regrets in life - but one of them would be that I did not keep in touch with guys like Jim. 

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Anonymous said...

Harry: Great update! Good to hear about you and Jim. Hope to see at the reunion
. Stay dry!! Dave Kropp