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Monday, August 08, 2016

Day 7 - London - Imperial War Museum - Carol King Musical

Lulu and Jodi at the
theatre - Carol King Show

Nazi Eagle taken from German Reichstag on surrender

German flak gun used to shoot down allied planes

Saturday - while Lulu and Jodi went shopping - my job was to land 3 great tickets to the show - Beautiful - The Carol King Musical. It was a 12 minute walk form our apartment to the box office. When I got there - the lady said tickets were 70 pounds each - yikes. I told her that was too much - that I was hard of hearing - and needed to be closer. After a few minutes and a talk with the manager - we got 3 tickets in row 2 - middle for 40 pounds each! We were set.

I had an afternoon to relax and decided to tour The Imperial War Museum alone. This museum is in an old hospital that was bombed by German Zeppelin's during World War I. It is a hodge podge of war relics captured during all of England's wars. It also houses their holocaust museum. The best part - it is free and just a short bus ride away. It is just so much of what you would expect a British museum to be - old - dusty - antiqued - creaky.

We all got home for supper - got cleaned up and dressed for the show. We could have walked to the theatre - about 3/4 mile away - but we took a double decker bus. We got there at 7:10 PM for the 7:30 show. The theatre was full - a triple decker - that held 1200 people. We got down to our second row seat - and to my surprise there was an extra seat next to me that stayed empty.

Carol is an American singer and songwriter who wrote many of the great 1960s anthems - including One Fine Day - Locomotion - A Natural Women - You've Got A Friend - Will you Still Love Me Tomorrow - Chains - and many more. The play studies the highs and lows of her life - her first job at 15 - marrying at 16 - children - divorces - and fame.

In the 1960s - I was just so interested in The Beatles - The Rolling Stones - The Beach Boys - I overlooked the girl songs. Now when I am older - they are really beautiful.

German U Boat torpedo - the kind
that killed my grandfather Roy Everhart

V-1 - German pilotless bomb
that attacked London

The Spitfire - the fighter airplane that defended

Tiles taken from Saddam Hussein

Little Boy - the atomic bomb
dropped on Hiroshima - 71 years
ago to the day

V-2 Rocket - the first rocket
that made it into outer space -
with a 2000 pound warhead

Imperial War Museum - an old hospital
full of war relics

At the Imperial War Museum - an monument to
27 million Russians killed during WWII

Carol King Show from our Row 2 tickets

We could look down into orchestra pit

Jodi and Lulu enjoy the Carol King Show

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