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Saturday, August 06, 2016

Day 6 - London - Strolling Around Town - Then Jodi Arrives

Jodi and Lulu - 2 Florida graduates -
at the Marlborough Arms last night
Starting a life together at
St Pauls Cathedral

When you think of London you think of cold - dark - misty days. But this time of the year - the world's capital city is just beautiful. It is 70s - sunny - and breezy. We have been walking for miles enjoying the breeze in the hair we have left.

We started with a walk to the Borough Market on the south side of the Thames River. After lunch - we walked across the Millennial Bridge to Saint Pauls Cathedral.

Next - we had to get home in time for our guest - Jodi. Jodi is one of Lulu's favorite students. She was a graduate of the Project LEAD program at FSU - she was a student in Lulu's first class at London in 2008 - and now she is a teacher at a US Department of Defense school in Germany.

After Jodi arrived - we had a late supper at the Marlborough Arms - one of our favorite pubs.

The Thames - The Tower Bridge - The Shard

The dome inside of St Pauls

St Pauls were Princess Diana
was married

Lulu on the Millenial Bridge
with St Pauls behind

An old Vespa Scooter in the
Museum of London

Friday lunch at the Borough Market

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