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Thursday, August 04, 2016

Day 5 - London - The Crime - A Show - And Home for the Night

Todays newspaper 
The crime scene - see flowers by the fence
We have been sleeping well over here - windows open - temps down to 50s at night - up to 70s in the day. Jet lag did not bother us - we just slept. We went to bed at 10 PM - and got up at 8 AM to the news that there was a stabbing in London. Then the talking heads said it was in Russell Square. That is about 100 yards from our apartment. There was a large contingent of police in the neighborhood - they stayed here all day. We stayed in a couple hours to watch the coverage.

Then - we decided that this was not going to stop us from having a good time. We walked to the theatre district and bought a couple tickets to a 2:30 matinee of Guys and Dolls featuring Rebel Wilson. We got two seats in the middle - 7 rows out - for 24 pounds each - about $30. We had time to kill so we walked the streets in perfect weather - sunny - breezy - 70. WE had some lunch and watch a few street performers.

Guy and Dolls first performed on Broadway in 1950. It won a Tony Award that year along with a Pulitzer Prize in 1951. I kid you not. It turns out the write of the play was on the government black list - and Columbia refused to give the play the Pulitzer Prize - although they won it.  Frank Sinatra played one of the leads. The play had been done several times since - in NYC and London. Rebel Wilson from Australia as Adelaide - was fantastic.

About 5 PM - we came home and had supper in. Then we walked to the scene of the crime. Very sobering. When we came home - we found out the person killed was the wife of an Florida State University professor. She was in her 60s. Classes were done over here - they stayed an extra night and were to go home today.

I hate how 1000 good acts -  a million good acts - can be counter attacked by 1 bad act.

We went to a play -
I was wearing my camera

Harry Potter

Street entertainer

Lunch across the street from Harry Potter

How about a replica of Paul's Bass

Guy and Dolls Matinee

UPS electric truck 

Jean and Bill like
The Queens Larder

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