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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Day 3 - London - Today We Took A Walk From Our Apartment Down To The Thames

Lulu at the British Museum after walking 5 miles.

Harry and Big Ben - it is 5 o'clock somewhere

Lulu said just one car a web post - this is Land Rover Defender

Monday night we went to bed at 10 PM after arriving in London at 6 AM by jet. I slept 12 straight hours to 10 AM. That is one way to beat jet lag - just sleep :-)

When we got up Tuesday morning - owe everything in the apartment in its place. It is hard decorating 11 rooms with only 2 roller bags of stuff. We got showered and had a nice breakfast because Lulu got groceries as soon as we arrived. 

I will do a video of the apartment shortly. It is huge - 5 BR - 4 baths - the living room has 5 love seats - there are 12 beds - 2 refrigerators - 2 stoves - dishwasher - washer - dryer.  There are to gigantic steel tubs. It is on the first floor and the ground floor - their term for a basement. The showers have individual tankless water heaters - instant on - very stable hot water. 

Around noon - we walked south to the John Hunter Anatomy Museum (free admission). It is a curious collection of medical samples. I will return there to take secret pictures - they do not allow regular cameras. The museum is on the campus of the London School of Economics.

After a nice sit down lunch - we stopped at a shop to buy sim cards for our iPhones. We bought 2 Lebara cards for our iPhones for 13 pounds each - about $17. For that you get iPhone service for a month - 2 GB of wifi per iPhone - texts messages - 1000 phone minutes - and free calls between the phones. The guy put the card sin our phones and tested each phone. Total bill was 26 pounds including tax. For that small amount - we can use all the features on our iPhones - just like back in the USA where we pay $150 a month for that service. Tell me again how everything in America is better. 

After that we went to Trafalgar Square - walked to Parliament - took pictures of Big Ben - crossed the river - walked along the banks of the Thames - went shopping in Lulu's favorite store - Primark. Then we stopped at FSU campus on the way home - getting back around 6 PM. Lulu said we walked 5.6 miles. My feet do not feel it but I am tired. It is now 7 PM here - supper times- but we are not hungry yet. 

We saw the theaters where - Kinky Boots and the Carol King Show are. We plan to see them. 

Curiosity Shop from Charles Dickens books

Lulu in the book store at London School of Economics

Dr Martin went to the Nuffield School of Surgery

John Hunter Museum of Anatomy -
a great free stop
The Coal Hole - one of our favorite pubs

We will get tickets for Kinky Boots

Lord Nelson statue at Trafalgar Square

The National Gallery 

Little British humor

Big Ben and the muddy Thames

London Eye - black cab - red bus

A play about 1984 - George Orwell book

The British Museum is about 100 yards from our flat.

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