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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Spending A Few Days Back in the Coal Regions of Pennsylvania

Lulu's Childhood Home
We are visiting with Lulu's Mom. This is where Lulu spent the first 16 years of her life. It is just outside of Tamaqua PA in the New England Valley. In the background are the Appalachian Mountains.

This tidy well kept cottage sits on 3 acres of property with south and north facing views of the mountains. On the other side of that ridge is our Florida home about 1000 miles away.

Lulu's grandparents used to live in the tiny house out back. The whole scene reminds me of the life of John Boy in TheWaltons on Walton Mountain. You can almost hear the music playing. Good night John Boy - goodnight Lulu.

We will be leaving here on Monday for the long trip to Tallahassee. We will take a few days getting home - stopping to see folks in Delaware - Washington DC - and Richmond. We are motoring in our Honda Odyssey Van.

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