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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Day 1 - Two Legs Down And One To Go

The lady said to us "first class" - when
we checked into the sky club. I was so excited
until she said that was the wifi password.

We rode this neat indoor monorail from gate to gate.

We just landed on the second of our 3 leg excursion. We had two nice flights - we were upgraded to Comfort Plus on both of the flights. Lulu ended up sitting directly behind me again. Since we bought the tickets with FF miles - we are traveling separately. So both times I arrived 3 feet before her.

A little hint - from where we are now - if we traveled south - we would fly over Canada.

We are relaxing in the Sky Lounge. It is a perk Lulu gets with her Gold Medallion. Of course - I am busy trying to get my money's worth - lots of great food and drinks. There is also free wifi.

We leave here at 5:50 PM tonight.

So far - no chances for bumps. Both of our planes were pretty full.

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