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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Supper With Jon Proechel at His Teak Neighborhood Grill - Near Disneyworld

Meet Jon Proechel at the Teak Neighborhood Grill

It can be found on Time Square in Windermere FL

You can choose to eat indoors - outdoors - or this canopy area.

We had a wonderful supper at the Teak Neighborhood Grill owned by our friend Jon Proechel. It all started in 1980 when we moved to Orlando for a year so that Lulu could get her Masters at the University of Central Florida. While she studied and worked on campus - I stayed in an apartment complex with a 3 year old and a 2 year old. There I met Bob Proechel and his family. He had kids the same age as ours. We all became great friends - taking trips together - visiting teacher other's homes - etc. Bob went from pumping gas at Shell to many multi-million dollar business. It seems that his son Jon has not fallen far from the tree. 

We are stay at a hotel near Disneyworld - and after a pool session with Lulu - we decided to look up Jon and his restaurant. The Vineland Highway looks us on a trek through some beautiful developments - to a place called Windermere. In the downtown Times Square we found the Teak Neighborhood Grill. 

The Teak has an extensive menu but their specialty is exotic burgers. Most of them are $12 and include a side. Of course there is an array of craft beers. I had a burger that included - a French doughnut - burger - egg - bacon. They even make their our catsup daily. Lulu had two pints of Guinness - and was in full pump mode for getting information out of Jon. 

The restaurant goes on forever - it has 60 employees - and many different venues. It gets a 5 star rating on the Internet and in the newspaper. We were absolutely stuffed. 

Jon has a giant motorhome now - and we invited him to Tallahassee for a game. Jon stayed at our table the whole time - which was unexpected - and enjoyed. Of course everyone is thinking - did you pay - while we were there - Jon got a text from Bob. I imagine his Dad said - charge him double - but with the wave of a hand - the bill never arrived. 

We highly recommend the Teak Neighborhood Grill in Windermere FL. Yes - we are prejudiced. It is so nice to see old friends doing well. Jon works hard - and is living the American Dream. 

My burger was on a French doughnut

Lulu's burger ???

The Teak

6 PM at the Teak - Wednesday

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