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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Helicopter Ride Over DisneyWorld On Our 45th HoneyMoon

Lulu and Harry get ready to board Disney 1

This is EPCOT. Saturday we will be in there. 

It was Lulu's surprise gift and it was a good one
I do not have a bucket list - but I am 68 and Lulu and I never had ridden in a helicopter. We have had several chances in national parks - but you know how tourists whine about noisy choppers ruining the beauty of the moment. So Lulu had purchased the tickets on line - I could either go or lose the money.   So off we went - flying over one of the places we love best in the world - Disney's Land. 

The ride was only 15 minutes long - we were going about 110 MPH - at 500 to 600 feet above the attractions. We flew over Disney Village/Downtown Disney/Disney Springs - several hotels - EPCOT - Disney Hollywood Studios - golf courses - and Typhoon Lagoon Water Park. We did not invade the air over the Magic Kingdom - but you could clearly see Cinderella's Castle. 
Last chance to back out

This family just did a circle and landed right away.

This is our soft gentle landing. 

We had headphones on - and it was surprisingly quiet. I was amazed at the great visibility without any distortion. The glass dome was sparkling clean - inside and out. They offer all kinds of flights based on time and distance. One family in front of us - took off - made a circle - and landed - in out 5 minutes of time. It costs about $300 to ride during the Disney fireworks display at night. Our flight was $50 per - and Lulu said it was just enough - she was getting a bit queasy near the end. She was in the back seat - probably not as good of a view. 

I am guessing the helicopter we rode in cost $400,000. It looked like they could squeeze 5 people into it. There are several companies competing for your business. I am sure they have a deal with Disney to limit the time they spend over the holy grounds. 

It was a wonderful experience and brilliant gift. 

Stand by for some video of flight.

I-4 and the Hilton in Disney Village

this was called Downtown Disney - now Disney Springs

Disney Village

River boat under construction

Hot Air Balloon

Disney Adult Land 

Typhoon Lagoon 

Caribbean Beach Resort



Dolphin and Swann hotels

Hollywood Studios

Tower of Terror

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studiios

All-Star Hotels - we stayed here a lot

Last December we took kids here - All-Star Hotels

Golf Courses

Hilton Hotel

Really clean windows

Lulu had my back

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