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Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Fathers Day

Fathers Day present
Lulu preparing one of my favorites - fried chicken
Lulu makes the best apple tarts
It goes with the territory. When you marry a pretty girl 6 years younger than you - you can expect a life of jokes about people thinking you are a father and daughter team. In 4 days - we will be married 45 years. Our sons and their families live in Richmond and Washington - so it is nice when they call early and we videochat in the morning. After that - Lulu takes over - making every holiday special. 

In a few days - we will be driving north to visit the Everhart 9. It will be the first really long trip in our new Honda van. My Fathers Day gift will help make the trip special. Lulu got me a special refrigerator/freezer that will keep our travel treats cold. This is not some cheap thermo-cooler. This one will keep ice cream frozen all the way down to 0 degrees F. It also has an adapter to keep running on 120 volt power in hotels. 

Lulu made a special supper for me - fried chicken - mashed potatoes - and corn on the cob. She followed that with a scratch deep dish apple tart. 

The adventures never stop with Lulu. On Wednesday we go to Orlando for a 5 day library convention. As soon as we get home from that - it is off to Richmond - Washington - and Tamaqua. We will spend 4 days in Washington where we will meet the latest addition to our family - grandson Max. We now have enough for a baseball team. 

For our big trip north - a refrigerator freezer for our Honda van
It will keep ice cream solid  
In the kitchen barefoot...pregnant?

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