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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Carl - Bill - Harry - Went To the German Technology Museum

German Technology Museum
Carl - Me - Bill took the U2 train from our apartment

Today the girls went shopping and the boys went to the German Technology Museum. The Museum was once a giant train yard in Central Berlin. A large portion of the museum is two train roundhouses filled with train engines and train cars. There is a large section filled with boats - and another one with airplanes and rockets. 

This old ESSO oil tank car caught our eye
This rail bicycle was powered by hand.  
Two roundhouses each held 19 engines -
 they were full
Harry was piloting this engine
Bill and Carl with Hitler's personal train engine
Inside a cattle car that carried Jews to the
concentration camp
The machine shop had all the tools powered
 by the water wheel 
Two windmills powered ground grain

This was a functioning brewery
This DC-3 was used during the Berlin
Air Lift to carry food and coal to Berlin.

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