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Thursday, April 21, 2016

50 Photos From Our 5 Days in Bavaria

Zugspitze is the highest peak in Germany - 10000 feet

We still have 2 days to go on our van ride through Bavaria - but while the girls are shopping - I got a chance to go back to the hotel and set up this page. We had been lucky with th weather in Bavaria - it is bright and sunny today - 65 degrees. One of Lulu's library friends - Helga Hoffman - served as our tour guide in Munich. She arranged meals - attractions - rides - etc.

This truck wreck on the Autobahn held us up an hour

Our hotel in Fussen was really nice right downtown

This military jeep - Mercedes with snorkel - neat

Fussen is colorful - a few miles from Neuschwanstein Castle

Marylou bought this flower pot as a stool to
get into the van - you can see what happened - lucky her -
Carl was not as lucky

We got detoured into Austria - the Alps were very amazing
Lulu was overwhelmed and did her little dance

Lulu is the reason we are all able to enjoy this 
wonderful German experience

Our Ford diesel 6 speed manual van.
We looked like an old folks home of Amish People

The hills are alive with the sound of music

Going up Zugspitze on cable car

Zugspitze - 10000 feet up - wonderful skies

We went to the top on cable car - 10000 feet up
in 10 minutes

Snow ball fights at the top

Pretzel and drinks at the top

Lulu doing here wonder woman routine

A ski lodge near the top

A cog railroad brought us back down

In the electric cog train - the seats are slanted

Notice the cog track where the gears hooked

This Morgan +8 parked next to us in Berchtesgaden.
They had 215 HP Buick V8 in them. 

The view from our hotel balcony in Berchtesgaden

Hitler's Wolk's Lair - Wolf was his nickname. He 
spent much of his time hiding up here with Eva Braun

A museum at bottom of mountain near Wolf's Lair

This map showed buildings at Wolf's Lair

Hitler Bunker at Wolf's Lair - miles of underground tunnels

More tunnels under Wolf's Lair

Some tunnels had beautiful brick work

The view from near Wolf's Lair

We took a boat tour at Berchtesgaden National Park

A long fiord like glacier lake was unworldly

At the far end of the lake at Berchtesgaden Park -
was and old church and monestary

These tractor were on a barge being pushed up the lake

Wednesday night at Hofbrau Haus in Munich.
Jean and Bill provided a wonderful German dinner

We tour the Olympic Park at Munich
and went up that 300 meter tower

We rode this train at Munich Olympic Park - 
Carl is an engineer by profession

Munich Olympic Stadium from the tower

These beautiful mountains were made from rubble
from World War II

BMW Factory and Museum form tower

Our guide Helga was in the middle - 
she planned a nice day that is still going on

A government building in Munich

If you want to feel like an old gray invalid - 
enjoy a one hour rickshaw tour for $30 per person

We could have never covered this much ground
without dying

My favorite place for beer - Hofbrau Haus -Munich

Marylou and my Cousin Carl Zimmerman

This plaza is where Hitler organized his coup. 

Munich is a rich city - this is their government house

These girls looked different

This Lamborghini cut off our rickshaw

Michael Jackson hung his baby of the
balcony of this hotel. Now they paste 
pictures all over this statue of some 
other guy

Tomorrow we drive home from Munich to Berlin by way of Dachau. We will visit the Mazi's first concentration camp and the SS Westpoint - officers training area. Our guests leave for the USA Sunday. We leave on Wednesday for Florida - and home. 

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