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Friday, January 29, 2016

Returning To The Fatherland - Germany

JFK - in Berlin

The Brandenburg Gate

Cinderella's Castle

Our address and apartment phone number

All my life I have told people that I am 3/4 German and 1/4 Welsh. My ancestors were named Brouse - Snyder - Shoemaker - Neifert. Everhart was Anglicized from Eberhard which meant - Wild Boar. Recently - I had a DNA test done - and I am anxiously awaiting the results. But all the fingers point toward Germany.

We are going to Germany for 3 months - Feb - Mar - Apr. Lulu was awarded a DAAD Scholarship to do research in Germany. We have booked an apartment in Berlin and are ready for life’s next great adventure.

President Kennedy visited Berlin after the Soviet Union threw up the famous wall in 1961 symbolizing the dividing Europe into communist and free sections. Germany was divided into two countries - East and West Germany. Today Germany is reunited - and has the 4th largest economy in the world.

For the next 3 months - we will be living at the epicenter of Berlin - a place called Prenzlauer Berg. We are close to the last remaining section of the Berlin Wall and also Hitler’s Bunker from World War II. We will fly from Tallahassee to Miami to Dusseldorf to Berlin.

While we are there - Lulu will be doing research on school libraries.

Berlin winters are very cold. Alas - there are lots of inexpensive flights from Berlin to warmer cities in Europe - Venice - Rome - Athens - Palermo. We have a lot of guests coming over to stay.
The red pin is our apartment

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