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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Luau - Food - Drinks - Dancing - Flowers - Music - Roasted Pig

Monday night was Luau night. Our Luau was held at Sea Life Park - a small theme park on the east coast of Oahu. It started at 5 PM - the sun had already set over the pali cliffs. We were under the stars and the hang gliders circling overhead on the winds rising up the cliff faces. As it got darker - the gliders could only be identified by their colorful wing lights - like fire flies.

Quite frankly - I did not look forward to the event. I had attended a Luau at Sea World in Florida in 1980 - and thankfully they were not handling out weapons or cyanide pills - or I would have taken one in honor of Hitler. :-)

First we weaved - then we drank then we ate - finally we danced. By 8 PM is was over.

Lulu and I were called up on the stage as the longest married couple at 44 years. Next thing you know you are in the Baby Boomer Last Man's Club. They gave us necklaces and flowers. Robin - Drew - and the kids came on stage to dance with us. I must admit it put a tear in my eye. I am very proud of my family - and this whole Hawaiian show worshipped family.

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