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Friday, January 15, 2016

Last Days of Our Hawaii Adventure

It has been a week since our plane left Hawaii - but it seems like a year. It was fun having the family all together - and Hawaii never disappoints for its weather - history - culture - and entertainment.

After years of worshipping the Beach Boys and surfing music - nothing is more fun than seeing your son and grandson catch their first waves.

As our plane lifted off the Reef Runway in Honolulu - I was able to review the place we visited. That crater full of water is Hanuma Bay - famous for it coral reef and tropical fish.

At Kailua Beach - we were able to play catch in the water. We also had lunch at Buzz's Steak House.

In my opinion Kailua Beach is the nicest beach in the world. The water was 76 - pretty blue - the sand was white and smooth. President Obama was in Hawaii the last 3 times we went there. He stays on Kailua Beach.

Diamond Head Crater - from our plane - is an extinct volcanic cone. You drive your car into the crater and hike to the highest peak - 762 feet up. The beach to the left is Waikiki - where we stayed.

Fuel is expensive in Hawaii because it must all be imported. $2.53 a gallon is not bad - but how about $4.66 for a gallon of diesel fuel? I wonder why.

Every time we visit Hawaii - we have a feeling of melancholy that it may be our last time. Lulu used to teach at the University of Hawaii every summer - so the place feels like home. But the 10 hours flight there - and the expensive cover charge for the plane - has us looking for other places instead of just doing the same old thing - over and over. Still - when you get off the plane there - and feel the warm fragrant breezes - and see the clouds race up the mountains - you wonder why you ever leave.

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