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Saturday, January 02, 2016

Everhart Christmas in Paradise

New Years Day was Christmas dinner for the Everharts. They all got together at Duke's Canoe Club in Waikiki. Liz and Keith has just arrived after an 11 hour jet ride from Washington DC. Duke's Canoe Club is named after Duke Kahanamoku - the famous surfer and Olympic swimmer.

A gift to Lulu from Keith and Liz was a Cornwall County flag. Lulu's great grandfather emigrated from Cornwall when the tins mines there had a downturn.  

Rainbows are the symbol of Hawaii. You see them almost every day.

We are all still pretty jet lagged - getting up very early - and getting very sleepy by 6 PM. 

Duke's Canoe Club is right on the sands at Waikiki. In the background is the famous Diamond Head Crater. It is a 762 foot tall extinct volcano. There is a path to the top - we plan to walk it this trip. On the top is a gun bunker from World War II.

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