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Friday, January 01, 2016

Christmas Guests in Tallahassee

The Wakulla Springs boat tour was shortened by a balky
 gasoline backup engine.  The electric engine nursed us home
 and a refund of our money. 
Plenty of gators awaited our balky boat gasoline motor.
A great dinner with family. Jack and Tami Cox.
Chicken - mashed potatoes - corn - cranberries.
The gravy was named a new food group.
Lunch and drinks in Apalachicola at a favorite
seafood spot. 
Apalachicola was once the capital of the
world oyster industry
Lulu's brother Jack and his wife Tami - visited us over the holidays. We did a lot of neat things together - but the best was a wonderful chicken meal that Tami made for us. 

We also attended an FSU womens basketball game - visited Wakulla Springs - went to Carabelle Beach - had lunch in Apalachicola - and walked the sands on Saint George Island. 

After they took us to the airport for our trip to Hawaii - things went downhill. A police chase of a stolen car ended up on the street in front of our house. Then there are rumors that they got matching tattoos - I guess the police chase of 20 Barney Fife cop cars scared them into the tattoo parlor and an early retreat from our town. :-)

It was really a great visit and fantastic chicken.

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