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Monday, December 07, 2015

Tamaqua Had Texas Lunch - Tallahassee Has Dog Et Al

When we lived back in Tamaqua PA - there was a place called Texas Lunch. It made great hot dogs. It was a small place along the railroad tracks with maybe 6 stools inside. People used to stand 3 deep and eat their hot dogs. The ventilation inside was terrible - for the rest of the day you smelled like fried onions - but no one could deny the great treat and low prices.

Everyone seems to have a great place to buy the perfect hot dog. When my guests come to Tallahassee - they want to go to Dog Et Al for lunch. It is about a mile from our house - we use dot enjoy taking our golf cart there - to have a couple of little dogs.

Dog Et Al offers about 20 different condiments - including sauerkraut - Lulu's favorite. I prefer chili - grated cheese - and grill onion and peppers. My stomach reminds of the last two all day.

Today - Lulu and I had lunch there. We were happy to see this sign out front - The Best Readers Choice Award for 2015. So now we can always take our guests to an award winning restaurant.

Dog Et Al is located on South Monroe Street - a few block south of the Florida Capitol - toward the Gulf. The inside is decorated in a 1950s Coca Cola motif.

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