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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Safely Home From 4 Days in Texas

The Alamo - we had the place to ourselves 
LBJ Library 
Christmas Tree in Texas State Capitol

We got home before midnight last night from one of the best trips of our lives. It all started out with Lulu needing 1000 miles to get her Delta Gold Medallion. She booked the trip because it was cheap and it was to a new place for both us. It turned out being a fantastic 4 days of fun.

We left Tallahassee at 5 AM Sunday - got back last night before our Nissan Leaf turned into a pumpkin. Deltas 4 flights were on time - it was nice they put us in first class on the away out.

In San Antonio - we loved the Alamo and Riverwalk. Staying in the Gunter Hotel where Robert Johnson made his famous recordings was unexpected and haunting. The Riverwalk in itself is a worldwide attraction we hope you get to see.

Austin is a little liberal enclave in the middle of a very conservative state. The locals love to call it Weird Austin. The LBJ Library is well done and gives a great synopsis of the 1960s. The Traveling Beatles Exhibit was another nice bonus. The University of Texas and the Texas Capitol - coupled to the vibrant music industry - make Texas a really different place.

Gruene - a small historic register town - accented the heavy German influence on Texas. A most interesting exhibit on the 1936 Nazi Olympics at the UT Stadium - was both eye opening and fair.

A visit to Texas is not complete without a couple steaks - and we were not disappointed. Because the college and the congress were home for the holidays - we had the places to ourselves. The Christmas decorations were outstanding - and we lucked out with perfect weather - 60s and 70s - sun and no rain. Texas is famous for heat and humidity that makes Florida seem temperate.

We did not spend much - $400 for 2 plane tickets - $400 for 3 hotel nights - $100 for a rental car. We have to eat meals everywhere - so that is a wash. Lulu got her miles and she also got 100 straight hours with me. Watch out what you wish for :-)

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