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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

One Last Trip to the Alamo Before We Caught Our Plane

I had a great conversation with this gentlemen about
the large German influence on Texas.

Lulu wanted to shop in the Riverstreet Mall - so I walked over to the Alamo for one last visit. The historic Texas shrine is featured in all the USA history books - it certainly does not disappoint you. 200 Texans fought to their death there to make Texas and independent country from Mexico. Today's Texans are quite proud of this old mission - although it was a dismal defeat - it became a rallying point that they used to defeat Santa Anna a couple months later. They captured the Mexican president - and this led to Texas becoming the Republic of Texas for 10 years. 

Davy Crockett came toTexas seeking a new start.
He had been a member of the US Congress.
He also starred in a movie series for Walt Disney.

The Alamo gift store

The Alamo was an old abandoned mission during the 1836 war.
It looked like this then.

Travis - Bowie - Crockett- Bonham were the leaders at the Alamo

I imagine this gets pretty crowded in the hot summer.
Today it was 65 - sunny - beautiful - empty.

The Emily Morgan Hotel overlooks the Alamo. 

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