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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Last Night It Was Flashdance At the Civic Center

Flashdance - they said no cameras - but I could not resist
one shot at curtain call.

The older I get - the more I cross over. I have a real phobia about dancing. I love to see dance performances - but I am just too self-conscious to dance myself. Someone once said - I do not believe in God but I really like people who do. That is how I feel about dancing. 

My favorite play is Billy Elliot. It is the story of a poor British kid growing up in a coal town in Northern England. His family and his coal cracker friends make fun of him for wanting to dance the ballet. They tease him and call him gay. One of my favorite lines in the play is - just because I like dancing doesn't mean I'm a poof.

So paint me with the same brush. 

We play our basketball games at the Civic Center. It used to be owned by the city - but FSU bought it from them after several years in the red - and need of major renovations. All new leather garnet seats - new scoreboards - new video screens - and a better sound system have helped. For plays - they drop a curtain down the middle and use maybe 1/3 of the seating. 

Flashdance is a story about a girl working in the steel mills in Pittsburgh PA. She loves to dance at a local club - but deep in her heart she wants to study serious dance. The music is powerful - the dancing is earthy. You walk out feeling better about yourself than when you enter. Some say it is a story about a female Rocky Balboa.

After the play - Lulu was dressed so pretty - I had to take my best girl to Madison Social for an after play drink. What is nice about living in Tallahassee is that you can sit in a bar - in December - at 10 PM - looking out at the stadium through an open garage door - in short sleeves.

Tonight - we will watch the Seminole boys play Iowa - tomorrow night our girls play Rutgers here - and we will try out our new season tickets. Everything is a mile or two from our front door. 

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