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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas in the South - Tallahassee FL - Thomasville GA

In many ways - Tallahassee is more like Georgia than Florida. In the old days Tallahassee was a hub of the plantation community. 80% of the residents were slaves growing cotton - peanuts - and soy beans. Just 10 miles north of town is the Georgia state line and just across the line is the Thomas County county seat - Thomasville. It is a thriving town of 18,000 people that included actress Joann Woodward and football/basketball star Charlie Ward. 

In April - Thomasville is known for their Rose Festival - the city of Roses has over 1000 public rose bushes. 

Last night we visited the Thomasville winter festival. The residents completely cordon off downtown and dress their Disneylike main street with a Victorian motif. 

We had a wonderful steak dinner at the Plaza Restaurant following by ice cream cones at Small Cakes. Both places are on brick-paved Broad Street.

Thomasville is home of Flowers Foods. A few years back - Flowers bought the Philly giant Tasty-Kake - and the cakes are marketed throughout our area. 

A little lending library
Lulu at the nativity scene - with a pooping donkey

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