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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Breakfast Brunch With George and Joel Dawson

Lulu and I were home alone for Christmas this year. Our family will get together for New Years in Waikiki.

Our good friends and neighbors George and Joel Dawson had a wonderful Christmas Brunch where we all had ham and eggs. George and Joel are in the front row. George took this picture with a tripod and timer. Joel is wearing her mother's red Christmas jumpsuit.

I will be adding a list of guests to go with the picture above.

Tallahassee set a record yesterday for Christmas. It reached 81 degrees - although it was overcast - foggy - and humid. We had to have the air conditioner on because it was so muggy.

The rest of the day we video-chatted with the kids - and opened presents. Lulu cooked a turkey with filling for supper.

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