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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Lulu Always Wanted To See The Macy's Parade

At the end of the parade - was Santa. 

Lulu can scratch another off her list of things to do. We just got back to our hotel room after the Macy's Parade. With a little luck - we got VIP passes on the front row of the parade route at 6 Avenue and 57th St. Lulu was pretty desperate because the crowd arrived well before our 7 AM start. It looked like we would be standing in the back of the pack. I saw a nice looking guard at one of the enclaves - I offered him a $20 to let us in. He told me to go into the Wayfarer Restaurant and ask for John. John gave us two free VIP wrist bands. We were early enough to get the front row. I still have the $20. 

The parade started at 9 AM and reached us by 9:30. The weather was good - lower 50s - no wind - but we were in shadows the whole time. We have two tripod stools - a bag of food and drinks - and a hotel blanket. We were set. 

The parade was over by noon - it took us 30 minutes to get back to our hotel - just 4 blocks away. 

Here are the pictures - I had no time to caption them or edit them. 


This is the $20 I offered the guard. 

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