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Sunday, November 01, 2015

Life Among The Citrus Trees in Florida

A year ago these two trees were just little sprigs at Lowes. Now they are producing some beautiful fruit. This is the second batch of oranges we have gotten from the orange tree. There are about 25 fruit - they are sweet and juicy.

This is the first crop of tangerines - again about 25 - they need a bit more sun but they are turning color now. With Florida sunshine - everyone has a green thumb.

At the same time we also planted a lemon tree and a "cocktail" tree - a tree that is supposed to produce 4 different kinds of fruit. Both of those trees are plenty green - but still have no hint of blossoms or fruit.

The trees are planted on the site of a former metal pole building garage. They get plenty of sunshine - because we removed some giant old pine trees that were damaged by lightning.

Some people are surprised to find citrus fruit going this far north in Florida. Our neighbor Bill Gwynn has many different fruit trees in his yard. One lemon tree next to his home produces thousands of giant lemons - you would mistake them for grapefruit.

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