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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Duke Versus Georgetown - At the Big Apple Garden

We are ready for Everhart Bowl IV. Duke and Georgetown are teeing it up at 1 pm in Madison Squate Garden. We are here with Keith and Liz. Cousin RuthAnn came with her family from Allentown. 

We have very nice lower level seats. Jim Valvano once said - you know you've made it when you are playing the second game in the Garden. Since Coach K did not want to get home late - he decided Duke shall play the 1pm game - this we have train tickets to leave at 8 pm - and our game is 1 pm. Nothing like power. 

It is a game we can't lose.

Georgetown is up 47-42 at the half.

Duke won by 2 - Hoyas had a shot a buzzer but missed.

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