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Friday, November 06, 2015

Camry Sold For $4995

Today the 2002 Camry sold. The owner just drove it away. I listed it for friends on Craigslist. Within a couple hours of the listing - the person who ended up buying it came and took it for a ride. They went home to think about it. The car has 96000 miles on it. It is a one owner car.

Then another young man came along to drive it. He took it to a service garage and they gave the car a clean bill of health. Then he tried to get a discount from me. I told him if it did not sell in a couple weeks - I would probably discount it a little.  He walked. 

Next the first guy came back with his wife. He took it to another service garage and they said the car was good too. They said they would buy it for the full price - it would take a couple days to get the money together - but they put down a deposit.

Two days later - the second buyer decided he wanted it for the full price. I had to tell him that someone else put a deposit down on it. He groaned. I told him if the deal fell through I would call him. 

Today - we finished the deal. While signing all the papers - the buyer noticed the name of the owner on the title. It turns out the seller is the professor of the buyer. What a small world Craigslist is!

Both the buyer and the seller are happy. 

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