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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Cousins Watch Seminoles Beat Louisville (41-21) For Free

After the game - the girls posed by
the FSU equipment truck
Bobby Bowden points the direction to
 Sonny's Barbecue for supper
The cousins enjoyed an afternoon of Seminole football for free. Although the ticket face value was $100 each - a nice guy going into the president's box gave his tickets to me for free. So the girls were in the stadium a half hour before kickoff. 

The Seminoles were losing at half time 7-6 - but then scored 5 straight touchdowns in the second half to make it a landslide. The final score was 41-21. Although the stadium holds 82,000 - it looked to me that only 50,000 people showed up on this picture perfect day. It was bright and sunny but the mercury never rose above 77 degrees - and there was a strong breeze that kept the flags straight out the whole game.

Before the kickoff - the  military sky diving teams delivered the game ball to the 50 yard line.  We sat on the 25 yard line facing the sun - so we got a good dose of UV rays.

After the game we enjoyed supper at Sonny's Barbecue with our 25% off senior citizens discount. Now we are home and will enjoy the replay of the game - to see what really happened.

The sky divers deliver the football to the 50 yard line.

Chief Osceola plants the spear to start the contest

I am happy to announce I have my good old Sony RX100 camera back. My son Drew took it apart and replaced the main sensor - it works like new again. I took the above pictures and videos with my RX100.

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