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Sunday, September 06, 2015

You Know You Are Getting Old When You Do Not Go To a Seminoles Game Just 2 Miles From Your Home

Last night at 7 PM - we were all dressed up and ready to hop on the scooter to go to Doak Campbell Stadium. Just as we were about to open the door - Lulu got a text from FSU - the game was postponed for lightning. The sky to the west of our home was dark - and thunder was rolling all over. It had not rained - but it sure looked like we were in for a gully washer.

We sat in the living room watching other games. The game was to start at 8 PM - it was pushed back to 9 PM. The little map and weather scroll was lighting up the TV. As the game kicked off at 9 PM - we both strolled into the bedroom to put on our evening attire.

By halftime - we were both dozing off.

I think of the times in Pennsylvania - when we would drive to a hotel in Philadelphia to watch a bootleg satellite feed of the Seminole games. I think of how Lulu promised that one day we would live in Tallahassee - and never have to miss a game. I think of all the good times when we would drive our camper to stadium side the night before in order to avoid the parking fees on game day. I think of how we used to line up the tents and canopies to save free parking spaces for our friends.

Now - every game is on TV - we have a big screen to cover our wall. We can't eat all that great junk food because we are too fat. Too much alcohol would upset our blood chemistry now - like it didn't before. Many of our tailgating buddies are out of state or have cashed it all in. The family is up north.

At halftime - we crawled into bed to watch the balance - and safely went to sleep with a big lead and a DVR that would capture anything we missed.

This morning we woke up to a 59-16 victory in the newspaper. The DVR was set for 4 hours - and since the game started an hour late - we missed the last quarter when the scrubs scored 3 touchdowns.

No - we did not eat any tickets - because we refuse to buy any before the flyover.

The Noles took care of business. The new quarterback and the old quarterback did well. Texas State was plenty of cannon fodder to fatten up the record for the pollsters. Jameis is in Tampa - we can't blame it on him. Bring on Temple.

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