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Friday, September 04, 2015

Riding A 52 Year Old Ford F100

1963 Ford F100
Back in 1973 - when Lulu and I were building our kit house at 221 Catawissa Street in Tamaqua PA - we bought a 1963 Ford F100 Pickup. It was already 10 years old at the time and we paid $575 for it at Kovich Chevrolet on Center Street. It was red - had a 3 speed on the column shifter - and a 292 V8 engine. It was a nice truck - but as soon as the house project was over - we sold it.

Yesterday - I drove 45 miles to Bainbridge GA to see this 52 year old version of that truck. Robert - the seller - wants $2900 for it. It is a nice truck considering that it is 52 years old. It started up pretty nicely and drove well. It has power steering and automatic transmission. The 352 cubic inch V8 is not the original - but it was smooth and solid - and the new mufflers made it quiet. It did not blow any blue - black - or white smoke out of the exhaust. The body and frame were pretty strong - few signs of rust. The windows were all intact and the rollups worked. The turn signals did not work.

I took it for a nice long ride.

The Michelin tires had plenty of tread - the after market wheels shined pretty well - no rust.

The interior has no lining - the metal doors and dash could use paint. Since it was before 1968 - it had no seat belts - no soft knobs - no radio. The heater motor worked - but it never had air conditioning. The bumpers were strong - the rear one had a hitch hole.

The biggest problem is that it does not have a title. I visited the Florida DMV - they said that if I got a bill of sale and former registration - they could probably issue me a title. Since it is over 30 years old - I could put an antique plate on it. The man selling it has a registration of the former owner - the insurance car of the former owner - and a bill of sale filled out by the former owner. It is not in the seller's name. In that case - it might be impossible to get it registered and titled in Florida.

If I bought it - I would clean it up - have it painted inside and out. I would just have it around for the fun of it. In my mind it is a candy apple red short - just trying to get out. It would look cool in the driveway with my my blue antique license plate on it. I would work to get it a Florida title. In Florida there is no state inspection.

I will make an offer.

Even a cheap paint job inside and out would run about $700
Wheels and tires are not bad -
the speedometer does not work.
I would paint the interior the same color as the outside
The gas tank shows that the original color was green
The side steps and fenders are solid
The bench seat was not bad - and it moved -
the power steering mad it easy to drive
The old wooden bed is gone replaced with a steel plate -
the tailgate is held in place by 4 bolts - no hinges
The 352 V8 has a 2 barrel carb - new wires - rotor -
distributor cap - alternator
Old insurance card
Old registration card

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