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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Noles Beat USF By 20 - Two Tickets For Total of $10

The view from our seats at Doak

We left home when the rain stopped at noon.

We parked in the lot by Wescott Hall. We walked one mile to the stadium. 

Lulu got a ticket for free and went in right away. 20 yard line about 13th row. 

I gave a guy $10 for a ticket and came in and sat with her. 

We had the ponchos on for the first half. Second half we undressed - took off rain suits. 

We did not buy and food or drink. Had a bag of cashews with us. 

It end of game we walked back to the car - the one mile took 20 minutes. From that parking spot we were home in 10 minutes - traffic was non existent going east on College. Waited one light at Monroe St. 

Email was a little better in the stadium - but not good by any measure. 

We listened to the post game on the radio home - I swear they were talking about a different game than we were at. They said Cook has 200 yards. 

Too many penalties. 

GT - Lousiville - Clemson - Miami - Florida - I predict we will lose 4 of those 5 games. 

Still it is a 20 point win. Auburn needed overtime to beat Jacksonville State at home. Enough of this Western SEC being the super conference. It seems everything is about money - I am glad I only gave $10 to the cause today. 

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