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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

We Spend Sunday Afternoon On The Bair Farm

Sally Bair in the Gardens in Hegins
When did Harry Meet Sally? Back in 1992 - when very few people had email addresses I met Sally Bair. Sally was a media specialist that lived in Hegins PA. Hegins is only 30 or so miles from my home in Tamaqua PA. I want to tell you about the first time I have ever been in Hegins. It was yesterday.

Sally and I have common interests - computers - cameras - college sports - and farms. Many of you know that I spent my first 6 years on a farm south of Tamaqua.  Sally has spend her whole life on 34 acres in Hegins. Her Mom and Dad are still alive at age 95. They have a beautiful home on a productive farm. 

We had a Pennsylvania Dutch meal there of pot roast - chicken - fresh corn we picked - fluffy mashed potatoes - peach cobbler - chocolate cake with peanut butter icing - and ice cream. 

Wayne and Jean are the sweetest people. Wayne was a farmer and a miner - like my Dad. Wayne even ran his own bootleg coal hole. Jean was a nurse that served in the Coaldale Hospital by taking a bus from Hegins. She also worked in the Childrens' Hospital in Philly commuting from Schuylkill County by train. 

My biggest honor was that Wayne let me drive his Farmall Super C Tractor. Wayne bought the tractor new in 1952 - and it has never left his farm. The tractor had a hand throttle - pull start - separate brakes for each of the back wheels. It started right up - first time - every time. I am only 4 years older than that tractor. 

After dinner - Lulu and I rant off to Knoebels Grove to meet friends - Marylou - Carl - Jean - and Bill. 
I cannot remember a meal better than this one.
Lulu - Sally - Jean - Wayne
34 acres just this side of heaven -
in the Pennsylvania Hills where I was born.
No I was not picking any bugs out of my ear.

Wayne Bair with his 1952 Farmall Super C.
He owns it 63 years.

I loved driving the Super C.

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