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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Old Davis Funeral Home

When I was a kid growing up in Tamaqua in the 1950's - the Davis Funeral Home was the place to go when you died. In those days - Tamaqua had hardly any people of color - so most of the "heritage riots" were between Catholics and Protestants. If you were Welsh or English - it was said you could not get to heaven without a stopover with Tommy Davis. It was the happening place in town  - old money to be sure - they even sponsored a Biddy League baseball team - The Davis Morticians. I was not sure what a mortician was - but we were thankful they bought us all shirts and hats. 

In the 1970's - when Tommy Davis retired and moved to Arizona - son Dick and his wife Jan took the helm of the business. They lived upstairs and kept the property in outstanding shape. Later - they sold the business and moved to Arizona where they maintain their home today. 

This morning Lulu and I were walking around down - visiting folks in the Hi-Rise. We took a few pictures of the complex. 

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