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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Our Apartment in Berlin - We Booked It

Our home in Germany. The picture is taken
from a park across the street.
Lulu was awarded a fellowship to do research in Berlin next spring. Today - she booked our apartment on AirBnB. She wanted an apartment near all the action and near Humboldt University where she will be doing much of her work. Her fellowship is funded by DAAD - a German endowment. 

In America - you would say the apartment is on the second floor - but in Germany it is called the first floor - the ground floor is not numbered. The picture above is our building (from google maps) - we will be by the open window in the picture on the second floor.

We got an apartment that sleeps 7 and has two private bedrooms with king beds in them. It also has a kitchen - living room - and one bathroom. I guess the "others" sleep on day beds or sofas. You can see the apartment layout here - 

Our place is close to Hitler's Bunker and about 2 blocks from the old Berlin Wall. 

We are looking forward to friends and family coming for visits. 

The living room has a flat screen 3D TV -
and 2 bright windows
This maps shows our Prenslauerberg
neighborhood. Our apartment is
marked by our reservation on the map.
The apartment is mostly white
walls and white furniture.
Bedroom 1 with a king bed
Bedroom 2 with a king bed.

The bathroom has 2 sinks - 1 tub 
A washer and dryer were one of the deal closers.
The living room sofa turns into a bed.

The kitchen has a breakfast nook.
There is also a dinette in the living area.

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