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Saturday, July 04, 2015

We missed Our Train To Reims - So We Spent Thursday Night in Paris

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Our train from Maastricht via Liege and Brussels got into Paris too late to catch our next train to Reims. So Lulu found us a nice room at the Hotel Appia near the station. We cleaned up and took the subway to the Seine River. We walked the river form the Notre Dame Cathedral almost to the Eiffel Tower. Paris is called the City of Lights - and we enjoyed looking at them as we walked. Before we knew it - it was time to go back to ur hotel. It was about 2 AM when we hit the sack. In the morning we caught the train to Reims. 

Lulu at Notre Dame
The Louvre on the Seine - looking west to east. The Louve was at one time the palace of Louis XIV -  but he built Versaille and moved the government there for much of his 70 year reign.
This little electric Renault - called a Twingo was parked on the sidewalk west of the Louvre. 

There was a big carnival west of the Louvre. Lulu got freshly made cotton candy there for 2 euros - then they shut down the machine for the night. It is sorta like closing down a bar.

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