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Friday, July 10, 2015

We Are Spending Our Last Two Days In Madrid

See Lulu along the fence in front of the Royal Palace. It was almost sunset here and still 100 degrees. Still - Madrid is pretty - and hot and dry is definitely nicer than hot and humid.

Madrid is a wonderful city even if the temperature was over 100 all day. As they say - it is a dry heat. It sucks the sweat right out of you - you never appear wet. Before you know it-  you drop over from dehydration.

Our train from Barcelona was about 3 hours. Some country big whigs go onto our car late - with all the body guards - etc. At the other end - another entourage was there to whisk them away.

The land between Barcelona and Madrid - is desert. In some place irrigation was allowing some agriculture. The trains are new and modern thanks to Spain's entry into the European Union. They are also falling into the Grecian trap of not being able to cover their debt.

We had supper at the Museum of Ham - I am not kidding. What a nice place to eat - a very extensive menu with lots of pictures. The food was splendid - but a giant pitcher of sangria for 7 euros really set off the fireworks after a full day of cloudless skies - baking sun - and 105 degrees. Generally - I do not drink a lot of alcohol - because it is hard finding something that I like the taste. But bring on the fiesta.

We walked part way home and then took the bus. Our hotel is about 5 miles outside the main strip downtown. Today - Friday - I assure you - there will be more taxis in our itinerary.

My gray head travel trick - tie pink ribbons on all your power cords - that way you will see them when you leave each hotel.

Madrid Station - We arrived around 3 PM - and were walking around downtown Madrid until midnight.

Notice Queen Isabella in front of the Opera House

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Nancy lit a candle for her cousins

After too much sangria at the Museum of Ham

Museum of Ham

Museo of Jamon

Apple Store Madrid - the only thing that works on my iPhone over here  is the compass - when you are not online :-)

This spectacular building turned out to be the post office. 

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