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Monday, July 13, 2015

Madrid - Last Night In Town With Flamenco

After the Flamenco Show - Friday night in Madrid

Friday night was our last night in Europe. Lulu wanted to see Flamenco dancers. We were sitting in a KFC - yes Kentucky Friend Chicken - in Madrid. It was the only place we could find with free wifi and free soda refills. Lulu was surfing the net and found a Flamenco Show that was only 1/4 mile away. The show was to start in 30 minutes.

We scurried over to find the place sold out. After much begging - and telling them we were going home the next day - they pulled out an extra table - put a table cloth on it - and we sat down in the middle of everything. It was a delightful show - and after a glass of sangria - everything was fine.

See the two videos below of the dancers.


We woke up at 7 AM Saturday to catch our plane home at 10 AM. After a quick ride to the airport - we asked if they needed volunteers to give up their seats for cash. They did not offer cash - but they did offer us a business class ticket with the bed and VIP service. We would have gotten home 3 hours later - but those tickets cost like $3500! Lulu had not had her coffee yet - and she was a little cranky. We turned it down.

After we ate some breakfast - Lulu started thinking it over - and would have taken the free business class bed tickets - but alas - when I asked again - they were not available any more. We had a nice flight home from 10 AM Saturday to 5:30 PM. The flight to Atlanta was 9 hours. But it was daylight all the way - we did not sleep - we watched movie - after movie - after movie. They fed us 3 times!

Marge was at the airport waiting for us in her Caddy. We were in the house by 6 PM.

17 days in Planes - Trains - Buses - Cabs - Scooters. Netherlands - Belgium - France - Spain .

Lulu stopped by this library. When she said she was a USA library professor - they gave her a wonderful tour.  The little panel trucks looks just like the one we eloped in - in 1971. Notice there is a guy inside it - with that big blind spot he back up and nearly nailed Lulu. 

My favorite seat in Madrid - overlooking the Plaza Del Sol - form the second floor of the KFC. Free soda refills - free wifi - good air conditioning. Lulu found our Flamenco Show here on her iPhone.

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