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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Maastricht - Netherlands - Last Night in Town

Robert C Everhart killed fighting the Nazis. 

Is is 9:30 PM - our last evening in Maastricht. The sun is still out. Lulu has one meeting tomorrow - then the rest of the trip is for us. It is sort of like the bombers flying over Germany in WWII - the first half of their trip was for the motherland - the second half was for themselves.

Today I did 3 important things. First - I did the laundry. One of the ways to pack a small bag is to wear things at least 3 times. We got 7 days out of the first session - now we are fresh for another 7 days. 

Second - I visited the little mountain resort town of Valkenberg. It was here that Beatrice of Falkenburg grew up, who, in 1269 at the age of 15, married 60-year old Richard of Cornwallking of the Holy Roman Empire. I can relate to these guys.  There is also a Casino here. 

Finally - I visited the American Cemetery of the Netherlands. It is about 10 miles east of Maastricht. Here there are 8301 Americans who died nearby fighting the Nazis. I found the grave of one Robert C Everhart.  I did a little research about him. He was 30 - not married - has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. He got killed in an ambush. His birthday is August 9th. He lived in Ohio. 

Everhart is buried at the American Cemetery near Maastricht

John J Cox is also buried here.

Even though my rental scooter only goes 15 MPH - I really enjoy riding it from town to town. If your scooter only goes 15 MPH - it is officially a bike - you can go on sidewalks - bike paths - and plazas. Note that the cars are separate - they are not allowed on the red pavement. The road I am traveling on here is the Roman Highway - it was laid out by Caesar as his troops ruled Gaul and went to England. The was also the highway the Nazi tanks used to invade France via Netherlands and Belgium.

At 15 MPH it takes me 4 minutes to cover a mile - but it is much faster than my 3 MPH walk. Also my legs at the end of the day are fresh. I filled the scooter up today. It took 3 liters. That is like 3/4 of a gallon. I paid 5 euros for the gasoline. Not bad for 3 days of driving. 

Downtown Valkenberg

Over one million tourist spend a night in Valkenberg every year - it was empty when I visited.

I had lunch in one of those restaurants.

More history on Robert C Everhart. I have no idea who he is - but he was the only Everhart out of 8000 in the cemetery. 

I am eating way too many of these wonderful pudding cups. Chocolate and a yellow custard. They are 19 cents each and Lulu says they are better for me than ice cream. There are so many ice cream stands - 2 dips is 3 euros. 

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