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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Touring Barcelona - Just Two Days Left In Madrid - Then Home

Breakfast - I ordered a cup of hot chocolate - check it out. 

We spent all day Wednesday on a hop on / hop off bus tour of Barcelona. It is a giant cosmopolitan city of 1.5 million people - 3 million if you count the area. The Olympics of 1992 invigorated this city - they developed slums for the Olympics and they are now desired upscale housing along the beach. 

Harry's next toy - a Piaggio Ape - three wheeled truck - can be registered as a scooter

This bull arena has been turned into a 6 story mall.

Lots of meat markets

The 1992 Olympic Arena

The Devil Wears Prada. This time Lulu bought the purse.

They have been working on this cathedral for over 100 years. Private money - $20 million a year.

Modern cathedral interior.

The original architect died 100 years ago

Christ in a flying umbrella

People must take their garbage to these dumpster every day. They are on every street block.

Barcelona from our hotel. Thursday morning breakfast. On to Madrid.

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