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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saw Brian Wilson/Beach Boys Movie At Old Theatre In Downtown Richmond

Westhampton Theater - Richmond
Lulu and I enjoyed the 4:30 PM show of "Love and Mercy" - story of the heartbreak of Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys

After seeing the real Beach Boys last month down the street in Cascades Park - we were disappointed when no local theaters carried the movie "Love and Mercy" - the saga of Brian Wilson the man who wrote all the Beach Boys songs.

We drove 800 miles to Richmond for our grandson's 7th birthday party - and to our surprise - an old local theater was showing the movie - they even had tons of early hour showings. The theatre was in a small downtown near The University of Richmond. The old - single-standing - brick structure looks like it may have been there when Lincoln came to visit after the Battle of Richmond. To our surprise - the inside was beautifully done. We found out later that it is closing at the end of the year.

The movie was superb but very sad. Brian Wilson had mental problems - and a quack psychiatrist took advantage of them to control the artist's wealth. Wilson's father Murray was abusive and controlling - adding to his problems. Wilson languished for years in bed. He became very fat.

He was eventually saved from that mess by Belinda - his future wife. Today they live together in Los Angeles with their 4 kids.

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