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Friday, June 26, 2015

NETHERLANDS - Maastricht - We Just Arrived In Our Hotel For The Next 6 Nights

George dropped us off at the TLH airport at 2 PM Thursday. We each have one carry-on bag. That way if there is an opportunity to get bumped - we are ready.

Here is everything I take - computer - phone - camera - cpap - passports - shoes - shirts - pants - shorts - underwear - socks - belt - tie - sweater - rain coat - comb - toothbrush - toothpaste - deodorant - phone charger - computer charger - camera charger.

Lulu manages to book the exit row for free. It gives us 6 feet of leg room. Since I could not plug my cpap in - I was not able to sleep. We are in the Netherlands for a 6 day convention. That pays all Lulu's expenses. I am flying free on a Frequent Filer Miles ticket. Our Boeing 747 holds 400 people. We took off in Atlanta and landed in Amsterdam.

This morning when Lulu woke up we were over Liverpool. We had 47 minutes to eat before we landed. What a very smooth landing - the 747 is a nice bird.

In Amsterdam - we were really tired. I did not sleep all night - I had some jet lag. Also my butt was sore from sitting. Some people go to the "coffee shops" and "red light district" in Amsterdam. We went to the Jewish Museum. It is a Synagogue build in 1672 - and gutted by the Nazis.

Jewish Museum in Amsterdam.

At supper last night we had chicken and pasta. We also had Tellamook Cheese. Two weeks ago we were at the Cheese Museum in Tillamook Oregon. Our friends Jan and Dick Davis lived there for 5 years. 

I will be doing several stories about Maastricht. I am ashamed to say I never heard of it before. It has been here since the Roman occupied Gaul around 200 AD. We are staying at the Crown Plaza. Although Maastricht is in the Netherlands - it is surrounded on 3 sides by Germany and Belgium.

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