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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Maastricht (Netherlands) - First Morning in Town - Shopping For Groceries

These pies reminded me of friend Josh and Melissa. They make 25 different pies every Thanksgiving. 

After a long plane flight from home - and walk around Amsterdam - we fell asleep at 10 PM local time last night. We got up at 6 AM local time. It was only midnight back home. 

At 9 AM - we walked down for breakfast and a little shopping. 

Maastricht is a pretty down - our Crown Plaza Hotel is right along the river downtown. There is a really nice groceries store right next to the the hotel. We bought a big bag of groceries.

My favorite will be these small cups of chocolate pudding. They are 19 cents each. I could eat them all day - a great substitute for ice cream - healthier - and a lot cheaper. 

There are lots of bikes downtown - a few electrics. One of the most impressive things are the mobility scooters. In America they are for senior citizens and go barely 5 MPH. Over here you see them tooling by at about 20 MPH - I will video one. They have 3 wheels - handlebars - and a nice padded chair on them. To heck with safety gear - I love it.

This electric bike has the motor in the front wheel and the battery in the saddle bag. It is super quiet. You can also pedal along. 

I love the hardware stores here. This weather station was 15$. 

Lulu loves to shop anywhere.

What wonderful fresh fruit and good prices.

Check out my puddings here - long with Salami - cheese - bread - strawberries - oranges - wine - orange juice - chocolate

I have friends that are always losing power cords - chargers - and adapters. I avoid that by putting surveyor hot pink ribbons on each cord. When you are packing up - you look around the room for hot pink.

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