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Monday, June 29, 2015

Gasoline in Holland Is $8 A Gallon

A Tesla and a VW electric "plug er up."

They buy their gasoline from the same Arabs we do - why is it so expensive here? Simply- their government taxes it heavily so they use less. As a result cars are much smaller here - and bicycles and scooters are a way of life. It is common to see men in business suits and women in dresses riding bikes all over. Some women have two "car seats" for kids on their bikes - occupied.

Above - in front of a row of homes - I found these two electric cars. The one on the left is a white Tesla - the one of the right is a Volkswagen GTE. The cars can do a full charge here in 20 minutes.

Today I am renting a scooter for 3 days. It will be 30 euros a day including insurance. Scooters can ride and park anywhere for free. They can ride on the street - but they have their own special "red paved" streets where cars cannot go. You can even see people ride on sidewalks and plazas. There are plenty of free parking spaces for scooters. I can park right on the covered porch of our hotel.

On our trips we want to see so much. A car is a pain - finding places to park. Also - you can't get off the beaten path places in a car - you must walk. Our scooter will save our legs - at any rate that is the reason I gave Lulu. She takes a free bus to the convention which is 1.3 miles away.

I brought along my Garmin European GPS just in case - also I brought a bike lock and cable.

When gasoline went up to $4 a gallon in the USA - people were buying hybrids and smaller cars. Now that we discovered gas in Pennsylvania - we are back to SUV's and motorhomes. Go figure. I bought an electric car that sold for $40,000 two years ago - for $12,700. Only in America.

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